T618 Mobile Bending Machine

Feature description:
● Compact and Mobile
● Up to 18mm Tube 
● Convertable to Electrical Bending

SAMWAY T618 Mobile Bending Machine

The compact, mobile type of construction enables precise and repeatable bending in the bench vice. 

The device is driven by means of a screw-in handle. A lockable set collar ensures repeatable bending. 

The exchange of pluggable tools is as easy as can be. 

The principle “stationary tube and rotating tool” enables bending requiring smallest possible space. 

For thin-walled tubes slide shoes are used for wrinkle-free bending in order to produce arcs, 

for example from tubes made of stainless steel and copper, with smallest possible deformations. 

The optional type of construction with hexagonal holding fixture enables, besides utilization in the 

bench vice, also using the driving forces of the bending systems 3000 and 6000. 

For this purpose the T618 is simply mounted onto the bending shaft of the machine.

Possible fields of application:

● Hydraulic piping
● Prototyping
● Sanitary and heating construction
Optional accessories:
● T618 with hexagonal holding fixture for bending on models 3000 or 6000

● Machine case

● Length arrester

Technical data:

● Bending performance 6 to 18mm
● Manual limitation of bending angle
● Maximum bending result 180