Excavator Boom Cylinder(Medium)

Excavator is the most widely used construction machinery. The shock load, harsh working environment, precision movement control makes extremely high requirements on excavator cylinders.
Hengli has the largest excavator cylinder R&D center and workshop equipped with art of state manufacturing machines and testing benches, we have done enormous researches on cushioning, welding, plating, sealing, materials and so on, that why Hengli become best partners for many world famous excavator manufacturers. Every year, Hengli  provides  hundreds of thousands high quality cylinders to customers all over the world. 
We can make full size excavator cylinders from mini excavators to extremely large excavators.
Excavator cylinder Bore Dia.(mm) Rod Dia.(mm) Stroke(mm) Machine Type(T)
Min 70 40 106 1.8
Max 360 260 3150 400