CM75 4” Cutting Machine

Feature description:
● Automatic Smooth Cutting
● Cutting Speed Adjustable
● Foot Pedal Control
● 2” 6 wire or 4” Industrail Hose

SAMWAY CM75 Cutter


SAMWAY CM75 cutting machine can be easily adjusted to chooseoptimal cutting speed for every hose.

SAMWAY CM75 hose-cutting machine have been designed to cut upall types of hoses up to 2”diameter 6-spiral hoses or 4‘’ Industrial Hose. 

The 520mm diameter blades operate at 3000 rpm. The hose is pushed against the blade bya pneumatic cylinder.

Piston movement speed canbe quickly and easily adjusted to choose optimal cutting speed for every hose. 

Lower speeds are used with thick hoses thus overheating of the blade isavoided. 

The blade can be sharpened when necessary. 

The cutter has a built-inbin for the collection of cutting waste. A metal safety guard protects theblade.


Main Specification SAMWAY CM75
Hydraulic Hose 2 inch 6 wire
Industrial Hose 4”
Motor 5.5KW
Cutting Pneumatic
Blade 520mm*4mm
Cutting Speed Adjustable
Cutting Pressure Adjustable
Foot Pedal Included
Blade Toothed Optional
Brake Motor Optional
Servo controlled feeder Optional
L*W*H mm 910*650*1400 mm
Weight KG 255